Didn’t Think Of That

“Didn’t Think Of That” lyrics:

How can heck can you be on the fence about our government taking the guns we meant for our defense against corrupted men, it’s funny when
You follow the money then you’ll find the guns they want to ban protecting them, these fools will bend the rules and think it’s cool if it’s defending them
Our guns are what’s preventing them from fully circumventing them, that’s why they keep inventing clever ways to say they’re getting them
Why are we letting them set the precedence to choose the President with tools like ballot mules arrest the ghouls directing them

Who’s representing them? It ain’t the people, we’re condemning them, we need to bring an end to the Dem-ocrats, tending them
They hate our bill of rights, cuz it equates to civil rights and now they fight against religious types and what Stone Miller writes
2A, ok, you say, hooray, for guns, do they, go spray, no way, don’t play, that’s dumb
A trigger don’t squeeze itself which means it needs a man to help, which means that guns are not fucking problem bitch it’s mental health

Probably from the mental hell of locking us down and then compelling us to think that we’re unwell, oh well, I guess that time will tell
I want to yell and scream as well I need to quell the feelings, hell I’m dealing with these demons dreaming that we won’t rebel
Born to raise hell, I’m well equipped to stay gellin, one of these days they want take your guns, OK felon?
You’ll turn them in and let them win if they just ask nice, right? criminals always obey the law without a fight

You see the problem now if all bad guys got them, and the good guys turned them in now we ain’t got a way to stop them
If saying something’s illegal made them stop we wouldn’t need all of the prisons that keep all of the criminals away from all the people
It’s a feeble reason for treason, it won’t hold up, and we the people scheming, team we need to roll up
We can’t be holed up, and fold up and scroll down, got not love, for those that won’t show up and throw down

Remember that time when an AR came alive and casually walked inside a school and started firing?
This ain’t Toy Story, objects aren’t alive they aren’t conspiring to take away the life of a child, they’re just trying
To take our firearms without raising my alarms, but I see right through what you’re doing, and now I’m buying arms
We should hire guards, put them outside of every school all the time, to guard our kids and protect them from violent crime

It’s finally time to fix the problem with solutions, not remove our rights and violate the constitution
There’s no substitution for these founding institutions, they vilify the AR but that’s really just illusions
They deal in mass confusion to ruin the land we love, they’re spreading mass delusions and choosing what we’ve become
They’re using these victims, to take our freedom, they really think we’re dumb, but truth is we don’t need them

Brat-tat-tat, everybody hearing that? In the shitty cities led by liberal Democrats
Another drive-by, another five lives, why? Guns are banned in your city, why the people dying
If gun control was fine why wouldn’t that be declining? I’m trying to find why, but I, think that you’re just lying
I’m finding it hard to believe, you’re not trying to deceive, we the people, what you trying to achieve?

We’re not naive, we can perceive, what’s happening, you’re after these AR-15’s and after them
You’ll ask for things like Remingtons, and Smith & Wesson Model 10’s, it never ends
We cannot bend at all, we need to stand up tall, or we will fall, they’ll take them all
Then we the people will see the eagle fall and freedom bleed unseat them all

Oh damn, I didn’t think of that
If guns are banned, criminals won’t have gats
Oh damn, I didn’t think of that
It isn’t thugs, it’s the guns going brat-tat-tat

No, damn, listen to the facts
If guns are banned criminals will have the only gats
Oh damn, I bet you didn’t think of that
It’s the thugs, not the guns going brat-tat-tat

No, damn, listen to the facts
If guns are banned criminals will have the only gats
Oh damn, I bet you didn’t think of that
It’s the thugs, not the guns going brat-tat-tat